Yoshiteru NOUTOSHI

   Plant Pathology Laboratory,
   Department of Plant Science,
   Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science,
   (Course of Applied Plant Science, Faculty of Agriculture)
   Okayama University
   E-mail: noutoshi (at) okayama-u.ac.jp (Please change (at) to @.)


1999: Ph.D. in Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan
1995: B.A. in Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan
2023: Professor, Okayama Uniersity, Japan
2021: Associate Professor (Research Professor), Okayama University, Japan
2013: Associate Professor, Okayama University, Japan
2009: Assistant Professor, Okayama University, Japan (JST Tenure track program)
2006: Research Scientist, RIKEN Plant Science Center, Japan (Dr. Ken Shirasu Lab.)
2005: Research Scientist, The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK (Dr. Ken Shirasu Lab.)
2003: RIKEN postdoctoral research fellow, Japan (Dr. Kazuo Shinozaki Lab.)
2000: RIKEN special postdoctoral researcher, Japan (Dr. Kazuo Shinozaki Lab.)
1999: JSPS Research fellow (PD) (Dr. Takashi Yamada Lab.)
1997: JSPS Research fellow (DC1) (Dr. Takashi Yamada Lab.)
The Phytopathological Society of Japan
The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Japanese Society for Chemical Biology
The Botanical Society of Japan
International Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions